There’s a lot to be said for a work environment which brings out the best in your team. An environment which is creative, bright and functional, encourages collaboration, engages staff and is regularly linked to a healthier and happier team ultimately leading to low staff turnover. Check out some of the world’s coolest workspaces for inspiration.


Innovative work spaces tend to be linked to start-ups with Innocent Drinks referenced regularly as one of the top places to work due to its company values and working environment. There’s nothing stopping you from adopting some of the latest ways of working such as the Sit-Stand Desks which are proving popular within traditional work spaces providing flexibility of working along with the health benefits which come with this workstation. We have seen an increase in companies moving to a more open-plan design with break-out areas and furniture which is constantly on the move.

It’s worth checking out Google’s Garage, where flexibility and playfulness facilitates innovation and collaboration. Maybe you can adopt some of these ideas within your own working environment?

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