Do you look at ways in which you can Reuse, Reduce and Recycle within your organisation? Years ago it was all about recycling, but now the 3 Rs have provided us with the opportunity to look at how we reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

The 3 Rs are:

  • REDUCE: trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce in the work environment
  • REUSE: thinking of ways in which you could reuse something such as shredded paper for lining your guinea pig’s cage
  • RECYCLE: identifying products an packaging which can be recycled and turned into something else

The 3 Rs in the Workplace


  • Pack your lunch in a reusable box rather than foil or cling film
  • Avoid wasting paper and other materials – use only what you really need
  • Encourage your company to adopt waste reduction techniques throughout the organisation
  • Share memos, journals and other publications rather than everyone having their own copy. Make better use of notice boards for shared information
  • Avoid using paper when a phone call, e-mail or personal visit might do instead
  • Only print or photocopy when really necessary – use the double-sided and/or reduction facility whenever possible.


  • Choose refillable items such as printer cartridges, glue etc.
  • Reuse folders rather then order new ones
  • Use scrap paper to take notes and messages. If you need to stick them up, sticky tack (such as Blu Tak) can be reused many times.


  • Recycle toner cartridges
  • Purchase recycled and low waste products.
  • Recycle cans, plastic and glass bottles, paper, card, etc.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We can provide you with collection bins for ink cartridges and waste paper as well as equipment such as shredders. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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