Office Refurbishment

There are many reasons why an office space may need refurbishing. Maybe the area is looking dated or the company wishes to make better use of the space available. It may be merely due to expansion.

Lomas Office have the experience, skill and personnel to seamlessly design and manage such a refurbishment without creating the client any stress or anguish. A team of interior designers can make any office environment visually stimulating and even advise upon furnishings, down to the last detail.

Lomas has a brilliant showroom, a large image library and an impressive range of case studies. Customers can view and test all products before making any concrete decisions.

The in-house bespoke design team can produce unique pieces of furniture and create the most eye catching and luxurious reception areas, boardrooms or breakout areas. Complete drawings can be made to indicate to the client how the finished item will look.


Lomas has a wide range of highly skilled and professional refurbishment specialists consisting of:

  • builders
  • decorators
  • electricians
  • carpet fitters
  • plumbers
  • heating and air conditioning engineers

All Lomas Office Furniture & Stationery’s contractors are members of national bodies and comply with all relevant British standards and Health & Safety legislation.


The main objective is to create a smooth, efficient and flowing office environment. Lomas design and manage the entire install with as little or as much consultation with the client as needed. Clients don’t always have time to manage a project. Lomas can consult on the design and layout and then the installation team can do the rest.


Included in a no obligation consultation Lomas can create a visual representation of an office including a span plan to show the client how to best use the space at hand. Along side this Lomas can select the office furniture products that would work best in the allotted space so that the representation is almost as real as the finished installation.


Office fit outs are a minefield. Lomas will manage the whole process. No chasing contractors trying to co-ordinate installations and deliveries! Detailed plans of all building work that is required are supplied and the client will receive a designated contact to look after every contractor and delivery from start to finish.