Are you a papyrophiliac? That is someone who’s obsessed with the love of paper products, otherwise known as addiction to stationery. At Lomas Office Furniture and Stationery, we love stationery; bright and fluorescent, monochrome and technical. A lot of our client’s also share our love of stationery.

So how can you tell if you’re addicted to stationery? You know you’re addicted to stationery when:

  • The planners come out in June and you wait in anticipation for the New Year to come around.
  • You’ll only let a colleague borrow one of your generic BICs and not your Swarovski Ballpoint you treated yourself to last Christmas.
  • Words like ‘refillable’, ‘scented’, ‘fluorescent’ and ‘comfort grip’ are music to your ears.
  • You open an unused notebook for the first time with excitement and anticipation.
  • You use your best handwriting for the first page of the notebook like you did at school.
  • You take time to do a mini stock-take of all your stationery and put in an order for another pack of whiteboard markers, because Joan from sales borrowed your red one and never brought it back.
  • You’d rather borrow your colleague’s eraser than use your new, smooth, unused and scented eraser.
  • You convince yourself that you will use the multi-pack Post-it assorted colour page markers; darn it you will!
  • You find a pen that makes your handwriting look the neatest it’s ever been.
  • You colour co-ordinate your desktop and file your folders red, blue, red, blue…

What was your score out of ten?

At Lomas we stock a wide range of stationery products, so feel free to request a brochure and check out our stationery products: tel 01254 690 600.

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